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Mobile Development

Mobile devices are a part of our life. There are a lot of things, which can be provided via mobile devices. We know about them and we can help you to find out them.

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Web Development

There are several ways how to do web development. Each way has different reasons. Do you need public web? Do you need intranet? Do you need a web, which satisfied millions of requests?

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Consulting & Auditing

Everybody makes mistakes, just because it is one of human characteristic. What is really important is to find them and to learn from them.

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Rapid Web Development

Do you really need perfect design, full J2EE solution? During one week, we can provide a full transaction application based on JTA (enterprise acceptable, which is used also by army), authenticated by Active Directory or LDAP. And that everything will be designed by standard user interface design, which looks more than acceptable. And one more thing, that everything is Java.

Before Search a Contractor

You can use a standard way via RFI and ask companies for first information and offers. But it is really difficult to compare offers or to understand the information of them. We can provide full consultancy for you. We can prepare functional and technical specifications, which can be used as a base for offers. But it is not everything, we can take control over whole process and represent your ideas, provide you support to select best offer, control partial results of work, make continues auditing of the work. Find out people for continuous testing, deployment and acceptance testing. It means you can get the best one.

Research Solutions

Knowledge Management, Data mining, Fuzzy Logic, Virtual storage in the form of the standard disk, distributed network solution, which is automatically recoverable, cryptography solutions, digital home, video streaming and a lot of more.